Please Read!

Hello Soccer parents.   We want to update you on some upcoming changes to our programs.  With past growth in player numbers, SYSC must make some changes for Fall 20 season. The SYSC Board recently met and will implement the following changes immediately.

  1. With more younger players enrolled, SYSC will move from 4 grade divisions to 6 divisions. The new grade brackets are Pre K, K, 1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6 and 7 & 8.  This should allow more playing time and aligns with other programs in the Muskingum Valley athletic leagues, end of season tournaments, and All-star tournaments.  We will continue to provide Pre K & K training prior to their games and also hope to have smaller teams for more playing time and a better overall soccer experience.
  2. Continuing to build on player experience and skill level, SYSC will institute a “draft process” for Grade 3-6, player-team selection to hopefully even the “playing field” and enhance the level of competition.  You will note on this year’s registration, an entry for you to report “year’s playing” which will improve the Coaches ability to select players and even the teams experience level.  To do this draft, we need to identify Coaches by July 13th. If you are interested helping us with Coaching, please volunteer early and SYSC will assist with training.  Coaches child will be automatically placed on his/her team.
  3. As we’ve previous announced, 6 Graders may try out for the 7 & 8 grade team if opportunities exist. At this time, it is evident that the 7 & 8 Grade Boys team will have those opportunities. More information will be forthcoming.
  4. With more players we need more fields, better and larger fields.  To do this, SYSC game day will move from Sunday to Saturday and start at 09:00 a.m.  SYSC will ask Northern Local School District permission to use Sheridan High School and Middle School practice fields to conduct Saturday games. If not granted, we will conduct the Saturday games at Glenford and consider moving Grade 5-6 to Somerset Park.  Weekday games and practices will be conducted at Glenford Park or Somerset Park.
  5. Perry County Health Department and the COVID 19 has limited the use of Concessions which the revenue was used to pay for referees and equipment. Additionally, we do not intend to solicit local vendors for donations.  Thus, our main revenue source this year and next years start up, will be special events and our lottery ticket sales and ask that you work extra hard to sell all tickets this year.
  6. Again, more teams, more games, means we also need more Referees, if any member of your family is interested please contact us.