Please Read!

Soccer Parents act now. Over the past years we’ve played at the Glenford Lions Club Park, where the Lions Club has allowed us to play at no cost or labor.  Times have changed and Lions Club membership is down and perhaps time for us parents to assist. The Lions Club could use your assistance obtaining the means to continue operating the Glenford Park, the ball fields, Concession/Shelter house, tractor pulls, bathrooms and the walking trail. The tractor pulls generate the majority of the Park’s revenue. The Lion’s Club members, along with local residents, have been responsible throughout the years for these pulls and the Park’s success. This is a tradition we hope our community can continue. Due to a reduction in volunteers for events and an increase in operational expense, increased community involvement is now required to keep this land public for current, younger, and future generations. Please visit and complete the survey.  Additionally, please message us if you do volunteer so that we track our efforts in sustaining the Park and athletic fields.